You can OWN A HOME for a lot less than what you pay for RENT!!U.S Investment can offer you financing as little as $300 down and payments as low as $185 a month.

Owner finance-Future Homeowners:
So many people have been paying rent their entire life. They dream of owning a home one day, without knowing that that dream can become a reality- easier, quicker and more affordable than they think.
You already took sparesome settlement the first step to become a home owner by looking into our website. Now let us tell you something you might be surprised about….you can QUALIFY EVEN IF YOU HAVE BAD CREDIT!!
We realize these are tough times and everyone needs a second chance. If you can verify that your income is sufficient to make the monthly payments, and have the ability to make necessary repairs to the house, then you are ready for the next step.
So..How Does it Work?

In these tough economic times, you should not be discouraged to pursue your dream of owning a home. If you are thinking of buying a house, but are uncertain crisps settlement if you can afford it at this time, you can come to U.S Investment. At U.S Investment, we offer a program that will help you become a home owner, because we offer monthly payments lower than renting! Today more than ever is an ideal time to purchase a home for a significant lower price than its value, and U.S Investment will provide every qualified person with this exceptional kitten settlement opportunity.
Using what is called a Land Contract, U.S Investment will offer you a 10 year loan with a fixed rate of interest, with down payments as low as $300, and monthly payments as low as $185.
We understand that people stiffens settlement need a second chance to get back on their feet.
That’s why U.S Investment is here to provide you with that chance!
If you would like to find out more about how to qualify to purchase
one of our homes, please read on!
How do I get started? What is the Purchase Process?….see if this applies to you:
You are tired of paying rent -instead of owning your own home.You proviral settlement are ready to commit to the monthly mortgage payment.
IF you answered “YES” to both of these questions- LET’s GET STARTED! Look through our lists of properties available (Click Here).  If epicardial settlement you see something you like, call us to arrange a viewing. Evaluate the property condition. All properties are sold in “As-Is” condition, make sure you are ready to handle any necessary repairs
Follow up with your U.S Investment sales rep for application and approval status. Upon approval of your application, U.S Investment will prepare all necessary paperwork for you to finalize the deal. This paperwork will be mailed directly to you. Sign and notarize documents, mail in with your deposit and first month’s
payment and the house is yours! Continue to make your monthly payments and enjoy your house!