What are Bonds?

What is a security deposit?

What is a security deposit?

The security (or surety) is an accessory contract to a principal obligation which, in turn, derives its reason for existing from a contract, or from the law.

Ordinarily, the main obligation (eg the execution of a contract awarded, or the accreditation of a public grant with a non-repayable fund, etc.) in order to explain its effects requires the removal of an “obstacle” through the delivery of a deposit to the so-called “beneficiary” subject.

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What hinders the development of the activity you wish to carry out?

With HDI you can:

  • Participate in public tenders with provisional bail;
  • Conclude a public contract with the final guarantee;
  • Request an advance payment for a public contract;
  • Release a withholding guarantee upfront;
  • Obtain immediately the balance of a public contract executed;
  • Pay in installments the urbanization charges and the construction cost;
  • Improve enrollment in the national register of waste managers;
  • Obtain an advance payment of the public grant that was granted to you;
  • Obtain an advance on the contribution foreseen by the EC Regulations;
  • Be reimbursed for the VAT credit accrued during the year;

And much more.