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Information about the use of credit cards abroad, credit card usage conditions abroad. When traveling abroad, especially if we have a credit card that earns miles, we can earn more miles by choosing to buy our flight tickets with a credit card and we can get serious discounts on subsequent flights. However, there is a more important point that when we go abroad, we will be able to make the expenditures with this credit card. When you go out abroad, with the credit card we used in Turkey to fulfill certain conditions to be able to spend abroad, also need to update some settings. With this article, we will give information about using credit cards abroad.


How to Use Credit Cards Abroad?

Credit Cards Abroad?

You have decided to go abroad, you will be able to provide some or all of your expenses with your credit card and you are wondering about the conditions of using credit cards abroad and how these credit cards are used. Very simple, small steps can lead Watching the credit card you used actively in Turkey to use and can handle all overseas spending your cash without moving. So how? We have compiled this article for all your curiosity.

In addition to offering installment shopping opportunities within our country, credit card enables the person to spend without carrying cash. Even though credit cards used abroad do not offer installment opportunities, since it eliminates the obligation to carry cash, it is quite convenient to use credit cards in travels, especially when traveling abroad. Most people therefore use credit cards abroad and get rid of carrying cash money that will burden you on it.

In order to use a credit card abroad, credit card holders must first activate the feature of using the card abroad. This activation is performed by the bank. People can use the bank’s telephone banking, internet banking, or go to the branches of the banks for activation. The easiest method is to follow the necessary steps on the settings page of your credit card using Internet Banking.


Overseas Credit Card Usage Settings

Overseas Credit Card Usage Settings

They have used credit cards in Turkey, widely used all over the world with the appropriate payment infrastructure is designed so we can easily spend when we go abroad. However, due to security reasons, such as theft of credit cards , credit cards are delivered to foreign countries when they are first delivered. By following the steps below, you can easily adjust your overseas credit card usage settings and start your expenses immediately.

  • By setting up credit card via Internet Banking,
  • To make credit card settings with telephone banking,
  • Go directly to the branch to make credit card settings.

After making these settings, you can turn it off again, and keep this setting completely off during the periods you are in the country for security purposes.


Which Credit Cards Used Abroad?

Which Credit Cards Used Abroad?

In order to use a credit card abroad, the payment infrastructure system of that card must be compatible with MasterCard or Visa . Looking at the cards we have used, we can say that almost all of them have this infrastructure. However, for more information, it is useful to contact your bank. There are also American Express cards used abroad but not widely used. However, you cannot make installments in foreign expenses.


Considerations for Credit Card Use Abroad

Considerations for Credit Card Use Abroad

Before starting to use credit cards abroad , people need to analyze their budgets well. How much you will spend abroad and how much you will pay when you return to the country should be considered from the beginning. The TL equivalent of the expenditure made there should be calculated and budgets should be analyzed in this way.

When using credit cards abroad, it is very important to keep the slips given after the expenditures made in order to be accountable and to keep the account. Because these expenditures have a reimbursement and it is very important for the person to spend according to his / her economy. Therefore, you can check how much you spend during the day by keeping the slips.


Commission if their customers use a credit card

Commission if their customers use a credit card

Therefore, when spending, people should pay attention to whether or not that business receives commissions, and if so, how much commission they receive. Individuals should learn about the commission applications of the enterprises because this commission fee is not stated on the slips received after the expenditure. For example; You bought a $ 10 product and the amount shown in the slip is $ 15. In this case, the business has charged you a $ 5 commission.


How Does a Credit Card Expenditure Statement Be Used?

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Individuals can calculate and reflect the expenses made by credit card from abroad on the basis of their wishes in dollars or euros. However, these transactions must be carried out before the start of expenditures.

If the currency reflected in the statement of credit card is TL; This statement is converted to USD by mastercard and visa and reflected to the bank. This amount, which is reflected by the expenditure of the Bank, is multiplied by approximately 2 percent of the sales rate of the bank and reflected to the statement in TL.

Here, it is important to note that; Expenditures made abroad do not offer the minimum payment option to its customers such as expenditures made at home. Therefore, it is requested to pay all of the expenditures made. If this debt is not paid; The amount is converted to TL with the Bank’s foreign exchange selling rate and reflected in TL account. And with the non-payment continued interest on the debt is applied daily.