CyberOptics will present a technical presentation on the importance of 3D inspection for advanced packaging at SEMICON Taiwan

CyberOptics® Corporation (NASDAQ: CYBE), one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of high-precision 3D sensing technology solutions, will make a technical presentation at the Heterogeneous Integration Global Summit hosted by SEMICON Taiwan from December 1-3. The company will also be exhibiting WaferSense® and ReticleSense® sensors and showcasing the WX3000 ™ metrology and inspection system at booths I3128, L0310, J2434 and K2106 at TaiNEX 1, Taipei, December 28-30.e.

Dr. Charlie Zhu, Engineering Director at CyberOptics, will present “3D Inspection Becomes Essential in Advanced Packaging” as part of the AP Tech Stream on December 2sd at 3.30 p.m. local time.

Advanced Packaging continues to be one of the most dynamic and rapidly evolving areas of semiconductor development and manufacturing. Most of these new processes take advantage of the third dimension, going vertical to continue to pack more computing power in less space while bypassing the challenges posed by further two-dimensional size reductions.

As the processes and functionality they create have become smaller and more complex, manufacturers face an increasing need for high-precision inspections and measurements to detect faults and improve process control. As a result, traditional 2D-based inspections can no longer meet quality control needs where 3D inspection becomes essential. An increasing number of applications in the AP process require full 3D inspection instead of sampling and the trend is expected to continue. However, traditional 3D inspection systems are either slow or inaccurate, which means they are unable to meet the growing demand for PA.

This presentation will detail the needs and challenges of 3D inspection in various AP applications such as wafer-level packaging (WLP), system-in-package (SiP) and substrate inspection, and how multi-removal – Disruptive Thinking of CyberOptics ™ (MRS ™) sensor technology can improve yields, processes and quality.

At the show, the company will showcase the WX3000 ™ metrology and inspection system powered by the 3 µm NanoResolution MRS sensor that provides sub-micrometer accuracy on features as small as 25 µm. The system is specially designed for advanced and slice-level packaging applications. While retaining its ability to reject multiple parasitic reflections, it adds the ability to capture and analyze specular reflections from shiny surfaces of solder balls, bumps and pillars, allowing very precise inspection and metrology of these features. critical packaging. Fast, 100% 3D / 2D inspection and metrology can be performed with a throughput greater than 25 wafers (300mm) per hour, 2-3 times faster than alternative solutions.

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About CyberOptics

CyberOptics Corporation ( is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of high precision 3D sensing technology solutions. CyberOptics sensors are used for inspection and metrology in the SMD and semiconductor markets to dramatically improve yields and productivity. By leveraging its cutting-edge technologies, the Company has strategically established itself as a global leader in high-precision 3D sensors, enabling CyberOptics to further increase its penetration of key vertical markets. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, CyberOptics conducts operations around the world through its facilities in North America, Asia and Europe.

Statements regarding the expected performance of the Company are forward-looking and therefore involve risks and uncertainties, including, but not limited to: a possible global recession or depression resulting from the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic; the negative effect on our revenues and operating results of the COVID-19 crisis on our customers and suppliers and the global supply chain; market conditions in the global MTS capital goods and semiconductor industries; trade relations between the United States and China and other countries; the timing of orders and shipments of our products, in particular our 3D MRS SQ3000 multifunction systems and MX systems for the inspection of memory modules; increasing price competition and price pressure on our product sales, in particular our SMT systems; the level of orders from our OEM customers; the availability of parts necessary to fulfill customer orders; unforeseen product development challenges; the effect of world events on our sales, the majority of which are from overseas customers; rapid technological developments in the electronics and semiconductor markets; product launches and pricing by our competitors; the success of our 3D technology initiatives; market acceptance of our SQ3000 multifunctional systems and products for semiconductor inspection and metrology; costly and time-consuming litigation with third parties related to intellectual property infringements; the negative impact on our customers and suppliers due to past and future terrorist threats and attacks and any act of war; the impact of MX3000 orders on our consolidated gross margin percentage in any future period; the risks associated with the cancellation or renegotiation of orders that we have received; and other factors set out in documents filed by the Company with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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