Loan Consolidation and Liquidity

Loan Consolidation

loan consolidation

Do you want to consolidate the debts of your current loans and get additional liquidity? Request a free online quote and enclose your loans in a single loan, with a single installment, not high, which will allow you to also bear all other monthly expenses. With Wingfin family, you can’t miss reliability, transparency, and convenience! Discover now our offers and choose the best promotion for you! Our company has been operating in this sector for over ten years, throughout the Italian territory, making itself available to every single customer.

Loan Consolidation and Liquidity

Loan Consolidation and Liquidity

The loan for debt consolidation and new liquidity is a personal loan that guarantees, in addition to the amalgamation of all the loan installments in progress, new liquidity, which can be freely spent, without any constraint. With the debt consolidation loan and new liquidity you can request up to € 30,000 in 120 months to pay off your current loans and use the liquidity difference obtained for any reasons not to be justified. Even if you are a bad payer, protested or distrained, you can apply for this personal loan, provided that you are a permanent or retired employee. The debt consolidation loan and new liquidity is recommended for those who need a new sum of money and to avoid overloading their monthly exposure, preferring to combine all the current installments in a single payment. This is the optimal solution if you want to pay off your current personal loans, pay a single monthly payment and get new liquidity.

How to request it?

You can request a free loan consolidation loan and a new liquidity request by filling out the contact request. One of our consultants will call you within 24 hours to evaluate the possibility of making the loan, debt consolidation and new liquidity: Click here and entrust our experts!

What is needed?

To request this type of personal loan, it is essential to provide the contracts for all the loans in progress that are to be terminated, in order to calculate the residual debt and verify the feasibility of the transaction.

If you want to close your loans and pay a single installment obtaining additional liquidity, ask us immediately for a debt consolidation loan and new liquidity quote.